TISSUEHUB Settlement at IAU Development Center

استقرار TISSUEHUB در مرکز رشد دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی – واحد جنوب

Esmaeili Tissue Engineering Laboratory (TISSUEHUB Co.) has been settled in the Development Center of Islamic Azad University (Tehran South branch) in order to accelerate its activities in the field of Tissue Engineering and regenerative medicine with the support of this center and using the existing facilities.

Esmaeili Laboratory has started its activities by focusing on the production of bone scaffolds, orthopedic equipment, electrospinning devices and the production of smart wound dressings in this center. It is hoped that with the support of the Islamic Azad University – South Branch Development Center, new products in the field of tissue engineering can be achieved.

TISSUEHUB products include electrospinning devices (single nozzle and double nozzle), bioinjectors for bone scaffolds, type one collagen, polymer nanoparticles and plant tissue based scaffolds.


Esmaeili Lab.

Phone No:
(+98)21 – 26 15 35 86



Unit 14, No. 3, Gheydi Dead End., Sabokrou St., Shohada Sq., DarAbad, Tehran, Iran